You were just another sweet nothing

"Saturday night 03:14 AM. a night to remember, a quiet oasis in the middle of a cramfull club. After a few glances he waved, a simple wave that made my heart jump, so i waved back. As quickly as a wink he was gone, gone into the dark night.. Slowly i started to forget, but just as the memory was fading for good i saw his back. I froze and knew nothing else than to follow him. So i did and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around with a big smile that said "hey". I introduced myself and got his name in return. - There's something i want to do, can i? - Yes. - Really? - Yes. So i put my hand on the back of his neck as i kissed him, and he kissed me back. just like in the movies when everything stops around you and the only thing that exist are you and him. Just as my lips stopped touching his and my hand slowly let go of his i said: You said i could do whatever i wanted, And i turned around and left with a slightly puzzled face gazing back at me.."

Postat av: Maria Loü

Din blogg är helt sjukt fin

Postat av: Josie

Haha ja men typ! Snacka om att kräva konstant ombyte ;P

2008-11-06 @ 00:53:15
Postat av: Hannah

SV; Kan inte :( har photoshop, illustrator, office-paket och massa annat på den som jag har köpt och inte är så jättesugen på att köpa igen.

2008-11-06 @ 07:44:05

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